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Our Story

Every family of a special needs child has a unique story. Ours started in July 1997.
Priscilla was born 15 days before her due date, a beautiful but very little girl. As she grew and milestones were missed, we were assured that she was just one of the “late developers”. When speech and developmental milestones remained unmet, we began the search in our community for services that could help her develop “normally”.
With no diagnosis for her issues, we approached a genetic specialist who was able to run a “FISH” test. She was finally diagnosed with Smith‐Magenis Syndrome, a rare partial chromosomal deletion, at age 4. The rarity of the condition at the time meant that no road map existed for her intellectual, social and behavioral development.
Navigating the world of special needs while running a household, which over time would add two sisters, is a daunting challenge; one that affects the whole family. From leg prosthetics, to spinal surgery, to speech, physical & occupational therapies, dental and pediatric services, to other non‐traditional treatments, the time, expense and intellectual capital spent on raising our special Priscilla was immeasurable.

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METs and IEPs

This is the story which has led me here today. Special Needs Consulting Services is a clearing house of information and acts as an Advocate for Families of Children with Special Needs.
One of the many challenges we faced was working with our school system to provide our child with a rewarding educational experience. Having an insider to act as an advocate at our IEPs and METs would have made all huge difference in our educational outcome.
We work with people who have both professional and personal experience in the area of special needs children and their transition to adulthood. Professionals who will help guide you through the various challenges you may face including:
Educational Issues Governmental Services (Local, State and Federal) Charitable and Foundation Resources Life Insurance and Legacy Planning Estates & Trust Establishment And Much More

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There is no need to feel that you have to walk this path alone. No matter what stage in the process you are in, we can help guide you. Let us help you access the benefits to which your child is entitled and put you on a sustainable path for success for your special needs child and your family.