Let Us Help Your Family Receive Benefits Your Special Needs Child Requires

What Families Need to Know About Children With Special Needs


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Let us apply for automatic ssa benefits if u have 200+ disabilities.

In 2008 the Social Security Administration (SSA) implemented the Compassionate Allowances program. If you have qualifying conditions, your initial claim ...
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The 50 Best Private Special Needs Schools in the United States

Every student has individual learning abilities. While in many cases, one of the goals of a comprehensive education is inclusion ...
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“Gentle giant” with autism outgrows swing set, gets free one from

Cobey Thomas cannot stop using his custom-built swing set. Cobey, who is 6-foot-10 and 200 pounds, has nonverbal autism and ...
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The Connection Between Verbal Abuse and Anxiety Everyone Ignores

There is a strong link between anxiety and long-term mental abuse. Chronic stress and trauma lead to various mental disorders, one ...
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