Let Us Help Your Family Receive Benefits Your Special Needs Child Requires

Providing Reliable Special Needs Consulting Services

Services We Provide

We can help in every step of the process and with all different levels of need.

We can help parents define their concerns, identify next steps, and assist parents in understanding every step in their child’s life, i.e. Birth- 21 (26 in Michigan) and Post-Secondary. We also can help parents with what to do next as their special needs children turn 18 and beyond.

We can connect families with other resources (e.g., consultants, evaluators, tutors, therapists, attorneys) that they will need in their family’s life long process.

We can help specifically with the items below and other pressing matters.

  • Connect families with Special Services available to having a Child with Congenital or Birth Defects after a family receives a diagnosis of any type of special needs
  • Help obtain services in Physical Therapy, occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychologist services, Behavior therapy, and Social Work assistance
  • Help obtain Governmental Services available to infants and young children.
  • Connect families with various Special needs organizations for family and emotional support and youth programs
  • Help families to apply to put their children in Early intervention school programs as they approach School age
  • Assist with getting initial meetings with Special Ed Departments and opening files
  • Create a smooth transition between specialists and school districts
  • Review all existing educational records of concern
  • Explain the results of evaluations across all areas of eligibility and clinical domains
  • Assist in facilitating an evaluation for special education programs and services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA”) and State Rules
  • Help to start an evaluation for a 504 Plan,
  • Request a Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation Team (“MET”) meeting.
  • Request an Individualized Education Program (“IEP”) Team Meeting
  • Request an Independent Educational Evaluation (“IEE”) at Public Expense
  • Conduct reviews of existing evaluation data meeting
  • Help facilitate mediations with school districts
  • Help gather information through the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) and Family Education Rights Privacy Act (“FERPA”)
  • Attend School meetings with school districts to assist parents with their child’s educational needs
  • Attend MET, IEP, and 504 meetings with Parents as an advocate for them during meetings
  • Create transitional IEP’s that can travel with them to their next steps, either college or some post-secondary program
  • Apply for SSDI and SSI Benefits
  • Apply for Medicaid
  • Apply for Food Assistance
  • Apply to Community Mental Health Agency
  • Apply to MORC or CLS
  • Apply for a reduced fare card to SMART Transportation
  • Applying for other transportation for non-driving 18+ adults
  • Apply for a Michigan State ID/Driver’s License
  • Apply for a Payee Bank Account
  • Apply for Guardianship, Durable Power of Attorney
  • Assist in Drafting Special needs Trust
  • Apply for “MiABLE” program benefits.